Compression Arm Sleeves, Gloves & Gauntlets

While many people are familiar with compression socks and stockings, there are also compression garments for the upper extremities. Similar to those for the legs, compression sleeves, gloves and gauntlets create a graduated pressure in the arm and/or hand that can reduce swelling (edema), pain and fluid retention. They can also increase lymph flow. They’re primarily used for medical conditions that cause blockage in the lymphatic system like lymphedema and for some circulatory system disorders.

Compression Armsleeve Ames WalkerSo, what are they?

A compression sleeve is a fabric tube in a flexible material, usually a seamless circular knit. Depending on style, some feel softer, others will be firmer. The sleeve is tighter at the bottom, closer to the hand, than it is at the top. This is called graduated compression and it helps lymph move in the right direction, towards the heart. It also improves circulation. The sleeve attaches either with a shoulder…

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Rise Up with Upsurge!


These products will rock your socks off – read below to see how these superb products can help you lead your active lifestyle. Also great if you find yourself on your feet all day at work!

These 15-20 mmHg Moderate Compression Socks, and 20-30 mmHg Firm Compression Sleeves:
– Enhance athletic performance and accelerate muscle recovery
– Counter gravity’s effect, promoting circulation from the lower legs upward- to the body’s core
– Stabilize muscles during strenuous training to minimize chance of over-working muscles, which can lead to injury
– Have anti-microbial properties that help prevent bacteria on the skin and minimizes odor

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