Summary of Posts: May 19th 2013

In honor of the National Bicycling Month, we talked all about staying happy and healthy when cycling. Are you suffering from numb feet? Cold feet? Burning sensations or pain in your feet? Find out how to fix those problems and become a much happier biker.

  • Your feet are constantly exerting pressure on your bike’s pedals, so it’s extremely important that you have the right type of shoes and are exhibiting the proper form when cycling. Otherwise, you could suffer from many different kinds of foot problems.
  • Numb toes is one of the foot problems that frustrated cyclists often experience. If you’re suffering from numb toes, then it’s probably being caused by your shoes, the fit of your bike, or an improper form.
  • Cycling is actually a pretty body-friendly sport, and relatively low impact. However, cyclists do still face many common health issues that need to be addressed.
  • What foot problems can be caused by bicycling, and what can you do to fix them? Erica Leigh talks about cycling and foot problems.
  • Suffering from cold feet when it comes to cycling? Find out how to warm your feet up and keep them snug and cozy under all kinds of conditions.
  • Feet problems are common among cyclist. Find out how to solve one of the most common cyclist foot issues.